1kg Klüberspeed BFP 42-32

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Klüberspeed BFP 42-32 is a High-speed spindle bearing grease

Klüberspeed BFP 42-32 is a high-speed spindle bearing grease with a synthetic base oil and a special lithium thickener. Due to its base oil viscosity and the chemical composition Klüberspeed BFP 42-32 can be used for high-speed spindle bearings where it achieves a longer service life than conventional spindle bearing greases.

Klüberspeed BFP 42-32 can be filled into the bearings using normal grease application tools (e.g. spatula, grease gun). Application by means of central lubrication systems and metering devices is also possible. Due to its chemical composition, Klüberspeed BFP 42-32 cannot be used at service temperatures below 0°C.

When stored below the freezing point the grease solidifies. Its original texture and performance characteristics will be restored when heating the grease above 0°C.

Please check your machine manual for the correct grease specified and ensure you are buying the correct grade of grease for your machine.

If your machine manual specifies a grade of grease that you are finding it difficult to get, then please do get in touch, as we may be able to source it and add it to our stock list.

More Information
Manufacturer Klüber
Base Oil Type Fully Synthetic
Viscosity 30 cSt
Soap Type Lithium
Colour Red/Brown
Size 1kg
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
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