Shell Product Names and Grades Explained

Shell has an extensive product catalog for lubricants and greases, however this means that there are a bewildering array of different product names, grades and options to choose from. It is especially difficult when Shell change the names of their products and the grading system, so you often find that machine manuals from 20-30 years ago specify oils that are no longer available, or have been renamed. The following information should be used as a guide only and not a recommendation to purchase any type or grade of oil for your application.

The Product Name

Shell Product Names are made up of the following components.

Shell <Name> <Tier> <Suffix> <Grade> <Applications/Conditions> <NLGI>

For example : Shell Morlina S2 B 220

  • Name = Morlina
  • Tier = S2
  • Suffix = B
  • Grade = 220
  • Applications/Conditions = Conditions applicable for greases only
  • NLGI = NLGI applicable for greases only


Shell used to have a massive array of product names, but they have attempted to standardise them, and now the name usually falls under one of the following (Some specialist oils still have their own brand name). Click on the link to access Shells product Brochure for more detailed information on each product.


This field generally denotes the quality of the oil, the higher number being better. The Tier will be in the range S1 to S6. The actual meaning of each tier will depend on the Name as follows.

Shell GadusMineral BasedMineral BasedMineral BasedSemi SyntheticFully SyntheticN/A
Shell Tellus (Shell Hydraulic)Entry Tier - Basic performanceMainline Tier - General Purpose Industrial ApplicationsPremium Tier - Improved ProtectionAdvanced Tier - SyntheticN/AN/A
Shell OmalaEntry Tier - General Purpose Industrial ApplicationsMainline Tier - Extra ProtectionPremium Tier - Special Applications, Extreme LoadAdvanced Tier - SyntheticN/AN/A
Shell CorenaN/AMainline Tier - Standard ApplicationsPremium Tier - Long Life, High EfficiencyAdvanced Tier - Synthetic, Severe ApplicationsN/AN/A
Shell RefrigerationN/AMainline Tier - Mineral OilN/AAdvanced Tier - Synthetic, AB/POEN/AN/A
Shell TonnaN/AMainline Tier - Standard ApplicationsPremium Tier - Long Life, High EfficiencyN/AN/AN/A
Shell MorlinaN/AMainline Tier - Standard ApplicationsN/AN/AN/AN/A
Shell SpiraxN/AMainline Tier - Standard ApplicationsPremium Tier - Designed for OEMsPremium Tier - Versatile applicationsN/AAdvanced Tier - Synthetic, Exceptional Performance
Shell TurboN/AN/AN/AAdvanced Tier - Extended Life, Enhanced EfficiencyN/AN/A
Shell MysellaN/AEntry Tier - Standard ApplicationsMainline Tier - Extra ProtectionN/APremium Tier - Extended Life, Extra ProtectionN/A
Shell DialaN/AMainline Tier - Reliable PerformancePremium Tier - Extra PerformanceN/AN/AN/A


Shell Gadus

The Suffix denotes the thickener type used

  • T = Extreme-temperature performance using Shell polyurea thickeners
  • V = Versatile, multipurpose application using lithium and lithium complex thickeners
  • A = Thickeners for wet (aqueous) conditions
  • U = Unusual non-melting thickeners or other applications

Shell Tellus

  • A = Water Tolerant (LHV type fluids)
  • E = Energy Saving, High Efficiency
  • M = Manufacturing/machine factory applications (HM type fluids)
  • V = Versatile Applications (HV type fluids)
  • X = Extra/Extreme Performance

Shell Omala

  • E = Energy Saving, High Efficiency
  • G = Gears Spur and Helical
  • W = Worm Drive
  • X = Extra/Extreme Performance

Shell Corena

  • P = High pressure/reciprocating (piston) air compressors
  • R = Rotary vane and screw air compressors

Shell Refrigeration

  • A = Mineral Oil
  • F = POE Oil
  • V = AB Oil

Shell Tonna

  • M = Manufacturing/machine factory applications

Shell Morlina

  • B = Bearings
  • L = Low Load

Shell Spirax

  • A = Axle
  • ATF = Automatic transmission fluid
  • D = Daimler/Dexron
  • E = Energy efficiency
  • G = Gear
  • HD = Heavy duty
  • LS = Limited slip
  • M = (Low) maintenance
  • M = Mercon/MAN
  • U = Allison
  • V = Voith
  • X = Multi-vehicle/multi-OEM
  • Z = ZF

Shell Mysella

  • A = Axle
  • N=Natural Gas
  • S = Sour Gas
  • Z = Zero or very low ash

Shell Diala

  • G = Gas absorbing
  • I = Conforms to IEC specifications
  • U = Uninhibited
  • X = Fully inhibited
  • Z = Insulating oil


This is a number that denotes the ISO Viscocity Grade. More information on Viscocity Grades can be obtained here.


Shell Gadus

The conditions denote the following

  • C = Coloured grease
  • D = Contains solids, suitable for shock-load conditions
  • OG = Open gear
  • Q = Noise-dampening (quiet) applications


This is the NLGI Consistency of the grease.

For more information see this Wikipiedia article

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