1L Castrol Almaredge BI


You are buying the ORIGINAL CASTROL OIL rebottled into one of our bottles

This oil is purchased in bulk from one of Castrol's authorised distributors. We decant the oil into bottles ourselves for sale in smaller quantities. The plastic bottle, cap and label are not original Castrol items. The original Castrol batch numbers are included on the label to provide traceability to the manufacturing batch


Castrol Almaredge BI is a general purpose soluble metalworking fluid which is chlorine and boron-free. It contains a unique additive package that provides good lubrication properties and performs well in a wide water range. Almaredge BI can be used in single sump machines as well as large systems.

This oil should be mixed with water to form a white emulsion. The mixture, commonly known as 'suds', can be applied manually to the metal being cut, or fed from a machine based coolant pump system.

The recommended concentration for general machining is 4-7%, although it can be used in higher concentrations for difficult machining tasks. The following can be used as a guide to concentrations

  • Add 1L Almaredge BI to 7L water = 8L Coolant @ 12.5%
  • Add 1L Almaredge BI to 9L water = 10L Coolant @ 10%
  • Add 1L Almaredge BI to 11L water = 12L Coolant @ 8%
  • Add 1L Almaredge BI to 13L water = 14L Coolant @ 7%
  • Add 1L Almaredge BI to 15L water = 16L Coolant @ 6%
  • Add 1L Almaredge BI to 17L water = 18L Coolant @ 5.5%
  • Add 1L Almaredge BI to 19L water = 20L Coolant @ 5%


  • Boron free for environmental compliance and improved residue characteristics.
  • Chlorine and nitrite free to fulfill your local legislation, waste treatment and environmental requirements.
  • Versatile product suitable for wide range of materials and operations.
  • Low foam in recommended water conditions.

Previous Names/Substitutions

This oil has undergone various name changes during its lifetime, but the specification of the oil has remained the same and the previous equivalent names for this oil are as follows

  • Castrol Cooledge BI
More Information
Manufacturer Castrol
EAN 0761856613058
UPC 761856613058
Volume 1 Litre
Country of Manufacture Germany
Density (kg/m3) 915
Base Oil Type Mineral Oil
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