Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked the most. You might find the answer to your query here.

  • How much does it cost to ship a bottle to my country?

    If you find the products you are interested in, add them to your basket. Go to the checkout and enter your shipping address. Once this has been done, the correct shipping costs to your address are displayed.

  • Is this the original manufacturers oil?

    Yes, all the oils and greases we sell are the original manufacturers products. We specialise in procuring oils and greases in bulk quantities, and decanting/splitting down into smaller volumes for sale. Most of our items are not available from the manufacturer in the quantities that we supply. Manufacturers batch No. information is replicated on the bottle labels, and certificates of conformance from the manufacturer can be supplied at no extra cost.

  • Can you please provide a quotation for the delivery of 50,000 barrels of oil, delivered to my local container port?

    We are only a small business, and specialise in the supply of small volumes of oils and greases to small and medium sized businesses and individuals.

  • I have ordered two bottles and the shipping cost was twice that of a single bottle. Couldn't you provide combined postage discounts?

    Our contracts with Royal Mail and DHL are both based on the per kilogram weight of our shipments, so in many cases shipping two bottles DOES cost exactly twice that of one bottle. Combined shipping discounts only really kick in when more than two bottles are ordered, or the order is shipped by DHL Express where there are larger weight bands to some areas. Our website obtains live pricing information direct from DHL and Royal Mail as you place your order and calculates the exact cost of postage to your shipping address automatically. You will notice significant savings on postage, as the size of the order increases. In some cases, once beyond a certain weight, we offer free shipping, and this is reflected automatically at our checkout.

  • Are you the same Lube Finder that I see on eBay?

    Yes, that is us. Our prices are higher on eBay due to the additional costs of selling on the eBay platform. It makes no difference to us where you buy from, but it is obviously cheaper for you to use our website directly. Unfortunately, eBay's policies prevent us from telling you this in our eBay listings.

  • Can you send me a VAT Invoice please?

    We automatically send out VAT Invoices to the email address provided when you placed the order (or the email address provided by the eBay platform) when we process your order. Please check your SPAM/Junk folders as sometimes over eager spam filters sometimes have a problem with our company name. We are always happy to provide copies of invoices at any time. Just get in touch with us.

  • Can I place an order over the phone?

    We prefer orders to come in via our website, as we know that there have been no mistakes in transcribing your address or details, and financial details, like your credit card information stay within the realms of our payment providers (we never actually get to see your full credit card details). That being said, if you would like to place an order manually, then please give us a call and we will submit the order for you.

  • Can you send me a proforma so I can give this to my purchasing department?

    Yes. Email us your name, shipping address, contact number, and list/quantity of products you require, and we will send you a Proforma Invoice that can be ordered against by your purchasing department.

  • Can you sell this oil?

    We would love it if this question were asked more often. There is a vast array of oils out there, particularly on the synthetics side, and it is difficult for us to gauge where the demand is. We are only a small business and have never intended to stock every single grade of oil available as this would not be practical, therefore we are reliant on our customers letting us know what they want. If we see a product getting some interest, then chances are, we would add it to our stock.

  • I tried searching for "Product X", or "Product Y" but nothing came up.

    We only sell quite a narrow range of oils. We have approximately 100 different oils and greases on sale. Unless it is one of the mainstream oils, chances are we do not sell it. We concentrate mainly on Shell/Mobil oils, and Shell Greases. We do not try to stock every single grade of every type of oil. We try to make sure we have good coverage across the range though. If you think there are some gaps in what we supply, then please do let us know.