Bridgeport Milling Machine Oils

Bridgeport Specify the following oils

  • Mobile Velocite No.10 for the spindle quill bearings on the 2J and 2J2 heads.
  • Mobil DTE Heavy/Medium to lubricate the spindle downfeed, drawbar splines, pulley cam, and spindle bearings on the J and M heads.
  • Mobil Vactra Oil No.2 to lubricate the slideway surfaces, X, Y and Knee (Although the thicker Mobil Vactra Oil No.4 may be better suited for the vertical slideway)
  • Lubriplate No.105 through Set Screw "A" on the bull gear shift mechanism.

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  1. Mobil Velocite Oil No.10
    1L Mobil Velocite Oil No.10
  2. Mobil Vactra Oil No.2
    1L Mobil Vactra Oil No.2
  3. Mobil DTE Oil Heavy/Medium
    1L Mobil DTE Oil Heavy Medium
  4. Mobil Vactra Oil No.2
    5L Mobil Vactra Oil No.2
  5. Mobil Vactra Oil No.4
    1L Mobil Vactra Oil No.4
  6. Lubriplate No.105
    49g Lubriplate No.105

6 Items

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