Castrol Ilocut 154 - 1 Litre

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You are buying the ORIGINAL CASTROL OIL rebottled into one of our bottles

This oil is purchased in bulk from one of Castrol's authorised distributors. We decant the oil into bottles ourselves for sale in smaller quantities. The plastic bottle, cap and label are not original Castrol items. The original Castrol batch numbers are included on the label to provide traceability to the manufacturing batch.


Castrol Ilocut 154 is a chlorine and heavy metal free neat cutting oil.

Castrol Ilocut 154 is designed for general machining of medium alloyed steel and non-ferrous metals.

Please be aware that if left undisturbed, sediment may collect at the base of the bottle. This is normal for this fluid. Giving the bottle a vigorous shake should redistribute the particles within the fluid. If left for long periods of time, the sediment may clump together to form larger pieces. These pieces do not affect the operation of the fluid, and if necessary can be strained (should there be a concern it may block pumped systems).

Please check your machine manual for the correct oil specified and ensure you are buying the correct grade of oil for your machine.

If your machine manual specifies a grade of oil that you are finding it difficult to get, then please do get in touch, as we may be able to source it and add it to our stock list.

More Information
HS Code (Customs)2710199100
Viscosity35 mm²/s @ 40°C
Country of ManufactureFrance
Density (kg/m3)877
Base Oil TypeMineral Oil