Shell Gadus S3 V100 2 - 400g

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Shell Gadus S3 V100 2 is a 100 cSt NLGI 2 Premium Multipurpose Lithium Complex Extreme Pressure Grease.

Shell Gadus S3 V100 2 grease is a premium multi-purpose grease with excellent mechanical stability at high temperatures and under vibrating conditions.

It is based on high viscosity index mineral oil and a new lithium complex soap thickener and contains additives to enhance anti-oxidation, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.

Shell Gadus S3 V100 grease is especially suitable for bearings operating at high temperatures, low and high speeds and in the presence of moisture.

Previous Names/Substitutions

This grease has undergone various name changes during its lifetime, but the specification of the grease has remained the same and the previous equivalent names for this grease are as follows

  • Shell Albida RL2

Please check your machine manual for the correct grease specified and ensure you are buying the correct grade of grease for your machine.

If your machine manual specifies a grade of grease that you are finding it difficult to get, then please do get in touch, as we may be able to source it and add it to our stock list.

More Information
HS Code (Customs)2710199990
Base Oil TypeMineral Oil
Soap TypeLithium Complex
Viscosity100 cSt @ 40°C
Country of ManufactureBelgium