Shell Tonna S3 M 68 - 1 Litre

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You are buying the ORIGINAL SHELL OIL rebottled into one of our bottles

This oil is purchased in bulk from one of Shell's authorised distributors. We decant the oil into bottles ourselves for sale in smaller quantities. The plastic bottle, cap and label are not original Shell items. The original Shell batch numbers are included on the label to provide traceability to the manufacturing batch.


Shell Tonna S3 M 68 is an ISO VG 68 grade Slideway Oil.

Shell Tonna S3 M oils are specially designed for the lubrication of machine tool slides, tables and feed mechanisms. Their enhanced tackiness and stick-slip characteristics are combined to offer superior frictional performance on slideways. They are specially recommended in cases where high precision and low speedmachines are used as well as in combined lubrication systems.

Please note that this is a premium slideway oil and is suitable for use on many lathes and milling machine slideways, even where the original manufacturer specifies a different oil. In many cases for old machinery, specific slideway oils were not available when they were manufactured and this oil should be seen as a step up where standard hydraulic fluids such as Shell Tellus were originally specified.

Colchester Lathes

This oil is specified by Colchester in the following machines/applications. (Note this list is not exhaustive)

  • Colchester Master 2500 - Apron and Slideways
  • Colchester Triumph 2000 - Apron and Slideways

Harrison Lathes

This oil is specified by Harrison in the following machines/applications. (Note this list is not exhaustive)

  • Harrison 10-AA - Carriage Apron, Saddle Lubrication Reservoir


  • Cincinnati Milacron P-47
  • ISO 11158 /ISO 6743-4 HG
  • ISO 12925-1/ISO 6743-6 CKC
  • ISO 19378/ISO 6743-13 GA and GB
  • CGLP Slideway Oils against DIN 51502

Previous Names/Substitutions

This oil has undergone various name changes during its lifetime, but the specification of the oil has remained the same and the previous equivalent names for this oil are as follows

  • Shell Tonna S 68
  • Shell Tonna 33 (Pre ISO)

Cincinnati Milacron P-47

Cincinnati Milacron are an American machinery manufacturer. To simplify specification of machine oils for their machines, they adopted an approved products list, grouping oils from various manufacturers into categories with minimum specifications. Instead of specifying one particular manufacturer of oil for their machines, they suggest you choose an oil from the approved products list in the relevant category.

This oil appears in the P-47 category. The following oils are also approved under the P-47 category. If an oil is present on this list, it is a good indication that it is of similar specification to this oil, and could possibly be substituted, however, additional checks should be made with the manufacturers data sheets before substituting.

  • American Lubricants Heavy-Medium Way Oil
  • Americhem 68 AM Waylube
  • Amoco Waytac Oil 68
  • Arthur C Withrow Withrowlube 625-300 Way Oil
  • Ashland Oil Waylube W-30
  • Atlantic Richfield Truslide 68
  • Baum Castorine Tena Film No EP300 ST
  • Benz Oil Petac 68
  • BP Energol GHL-68
  • BP Energol HP 20-C
  • BP Energol HP-68-C
  • Breslube Way Oil 68
  • Castrol Magna BDX 68
  • Cam-Or 84-748
  • Century Oils Cheviot SO 196
  • Certified Laboratories WLC-68
  • Chevron Vistac Oil 68 X
  • Cities Service Oil Sliderite #68
  • Conoco HD Way Lubricant 31
  • Esso Febis K-68
  • Gulf Gulfway 68
  • Imperial Oil Molub Alloy Astral Way Oil 20
  • Imperial Oil BE-16
  • Indian Oil Corp Servoway 317
  • International Refining Irmco W-31
  • Kernite Way-Lube 68
  • Linder Oil Waylube 68
  • Lubrasystems WAL-68
  • Lubri/Tek 1868 Waylube
  • Luscon Sliderite 68
  • Mantek MWL-68
  • Metal Lubricants Meltac WL-222
  • Metalworking Lubricants Metlube 47
  • Mobil Vactra Oil #2
  • Motors Oil Refining Morway 350
  • National Chemsearch WLN-68
  • National Oil WL-69-EP
  • Nynas TD-33-OA
  • Orogil 30578
  • Pennzoil Penreco Tableway Lubricant Medium
  • Petrofina Fina Artac EP 68
  • Henry Sanson & Sons No Drip Way Lube 297
  • Shell Tonna 68
  • Shell Tonna T-68
  • Solene Waylube #3
  • Sun Lubeway 1180
  • Technolube WL-VG-68
  • Texaco Waylube 68
  • Texaco Way Lubricant 68
  • Texas BIOGLIDE 68
  • Total Drosera 68
  • Union Way Oil HD 68
  • Vulcan Stearocling 300S
  • W.S Dodge Oil SAF Waylube Medium 68

Please check your machine manual for the correct oil specified and ensure you are buying the correct grade of oil for your machine.

If your machine manual specifies a grade of oil that you are finding it difficult to get, then please do get in touch, as we may be able to source it and add it to our stock list.

More Information
HS Code (Customs)2710199990
Viscosity68 (ISO VG)
Size1 L
Country of ManufactureItaly
Density (kg/m3)879
Base Oil TypeMineral Oil